rhiz bon

Rhizottome comes from an ancient French word which names the “root cutter”.

Rhizottome plays and expands upon themes of traditional music – exploding them into improvised flights in order to « re-compose » them in different and challenging ways. Armelle Dousset and Matthieu Metzger create a remarkable dialogue between the accordion and the sopranino saxophone, a soft and harmonious alliance of timbre and precision. Their music is at once both sensitive and energetic – jumping from sweet and subtle passages one moment to twisted and chaotic passages the next. Their fascinating exchange brings out a continuous flow of new stories and new dances.

Armelle and Matthieu started their duo in 2008. At first, they played in the streets, at dancing parties with a repertoire based on neo-traditional tunes and also some classical melodies (Rameau, Telemann, Schubert…). Through the years they have composed their own music, which they mostly perform nowadays, in concert halls, theatres, festivals… They have recorded two albums released by NoMadMusic. Rhizottome has performed in France, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Finland, Baltic States, Japan and Korea.

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